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This site is based off of JK Rowling's novels (the HP series), obviously. What some of you may not know is, "What is the plot of this website?". Well, here's the answer:

The war was over, and people were roaming through Hogwarts, seeing dying figures behind their eyes, having seen their friends and family fall. Not long after, they were being sent home, almost unable to understand that they were even moving, having lost so many people, and being lost within their thoughts, fears, and feelings.
Now, it's a week after the War ended, Harry Potter has won, Voldemort has fallen, and Death Eaters still roam the land. But life goes on. People fix up Hogwarts in no-time, and school is to start up again for next years classes as usual. The Ministry is started back up, with a new Minister of Magic, Edward Richards.
Thus, life is relatively normal, aside from the occasional Death Eater attacks. Thus, life will go on.

The site is probably not going to be running for 19 years, so the rpg years will not go as long as normal years. You will post, and the years will just go by. There is no set time for how long a year will last, but there is not set limit of years, either, so the whole "19 years later" thing doesn't really apply here.
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