**About Plot Pages**

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**About Plot Pages**

Post  Hermione Granger on Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:49 pm


What are Plot Pages?
Plot pages are where you can store information about your character, their life, and their relationships with other characters on BTE.

What about Character Libraries?
You can use this topic to add in some CL information if you like. If you don't want people to post there, ask them to PM you for changes to your relationship with their characters within your FIRST POST.

What kind of information goes here?
Whatever you feel people would want to know about your character. What's their full name? Habits? Family Background? Current Crush? Favorite Things? Anything you feel they may need to know.

What do I post in someone else's plot page?
You can post to have them change how their page talks about your character. Or ask them to add you to their list. Generally, you post to fix things (if you're not really friends with that character, but they think you are, etc) or to add yourself (Hey, can I be a friend?)

((OOC: May add on later. Any questions? PM Hermione Granger.))



I'm relatively certain that you cannot lock a thread, if you wish to post in them. If you wish to have people not post there, you need to see Hermione Granger's plot page for an example of what to post there. You do not need to do it that way, but it is your only place for a Character Library, so it is suggested. If someone posts in your Plot Page, I will delete the post, and PM the person, warning them.



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