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Post  Hermione Granger on Sat Sep 12, 2009 3:22 pm

School has started, though there are only five classes right now. To sign up, look for a thread in the Library.
Common Rooms, Tables, etc. are open. Realize that you can only post in the 'Table' or 'Common room' topics, and may not make your own.

To any DE's or Hog Grads - if you wish to enter the school, pm me with where you want to go, and I'll open that up to your group for you. But, I'd like to know the plot you have in mind.

Prefects/Heads of Houses are moderators for their separate areas, as are Professors. However, McGonagall and myself have the ability to take away that power, and we CAN edit your posts or fix the moderation. Thus, don't go overboard. Wink

There is no Hogwarts Express this year, however. I have yet to set it up, but it may be for the next school year.

I realize I'm late, but I had a lock-in at Gattiland w/Band and Guard until 7 this morning, and slept until 3. xD And that was after an away game, where we finally got to perform.



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