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Appropriate Content:
--If you use inappropriate language, or inappropriate content (PG please) you will be banned. This is your ONLY warning.

--You may have as many characters as you wish, but you may only have two student characters, as well as two staff members, or two adults.
--Not all characters may be related.
--Student Characters may join at any point, but will not be sorted until Winter break, or over the summer, so if the school year has started, you may wish to make an adult character instead.
--If you wish your character to be any of the following, you must apply through a PM to Hermione Granger: Werewolf, Muggle, Staff, Moderator, Vampire (very few if any of these), Death Eater, Ministry Worker
--Every Account must be separate, thus having separate names, accounts, emails.

--What does ^^ that mean? It means that if you join this site, you must roleplay a character from first person
--If you are a canon character, you must play in character (as in you must stick to their personality. If you fail to do so, you may lose rights to that character)
--Unlike most sites, you are allowed to roleplay other people to certain extents. If you wish you roleplay a person, you must stay within their character. If you do not, they are permitted to change what happened in their post, by saying ((OOC: Actually, that didn't happen. This is what happened:...)) then you must edit your post, because you need to stick to their personality, etc.
--What is OOC? Out of Character. That means that you may post anything you wish, as yourself ( NO PERSONAL INFORMATION!) Example: Hermione Granger is roleplaying with Ron Weasley. The person roleplaying Ron posts, and the person roleplaying Hermione is permitted to say the following: ((OOC: Haha, that is so like me!)) and post in character as Hermione Granger.
--If you wish to move places within Hogwarts or Diagon Alley, you should do as the following example suggests:
Hermione Granger is posting in Diagon Alley, at Flourish and Blotts. She decides to go meet Ron Weasley at the Quidditch Supply Store, and makes a post in her Flourish and Blotts topic. ((Continued in 'Enter Topic Name Here' in Diagon Alley)) which tells people which topic she is going to next. She will then go make that topic.
--In Diagon Alley: If a topic is made for a specific shop, you must post there, rather than making a new topic every time you visit.

Diagon Alley: Open to Adults/Moderators all year, and Students during Winter and Summer Breaks.
Hogsmeade: Open to Adults/Moderators all year, and Students during Winter and Summer Break and Hogsmeade Weekends
Ministry: Open to Ministry Workers (Apply by PM to get a position as such, including Minister of Magic)
Countries: This is mainly students' 'Away from School' area, where they may post during Summer/Winter breaks. This is where people may take vacations, live, or just go.

--Please keep signatures appropriate, and within the size limit (500 by 200 pixels). I will check signatures as I see you post, and tell you if your signature needs to be fixed, but you will get only so many warnings.

*This may be updated later. If so, an announcement will be made.
** Be warned that if you try and sneak anything pertaining to the above, you will be found out, and most probably banned.
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